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My name is Jane Palmer and I offer a service of psychotherapy and counselling to individuals, couples and parents with their infants in London, United Kingdom.

I hold diplomas in a recognised training in psychotherapy and counselling, an MA in the psychology of psychotherapy and counselling, a diploma in supervision, and a certificate in group therapy.

I am registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and am bound by the Council’s ethical code, which includes the preservation of confidentiality about the client. It also requires that the autonomy of the individual shall be respected allowing development in the light of the person’s own values.

I have over 35 years experience of working in the health services, including the NHS as well as inner London GP surgeries, oncology, working with the terminally ill and their families and in private practice.

My referrals come from various sources including self-referrals, Psychiatrists, GP’s and Primary Care Services, local pastoral organisations, training organisations, the health service and personal recommendation. I have an interest in working with people of all ages; different times and stages in life bring their own difficulties and challenges.

Over the years I have worked with various groups including support groups for staff in the voluntary or charitable sectors, this has included brief supportive work of debriefing, as well as more open groups. The general aim of all of these groups has been the coming together of individuals in seeking a meaningful communication, appreciation of differences and a greater understanding of self and others in relationship.

As a part of my practice I also offer supervision to students and practitioners involved not only in therapy and the health service and allied professions in the public sector but also where the person has a responsibility for interpersonal relations within their role.

Contacting London Psychotherapy

If you would like more information about psychotherapy in London or wish to make an appointment call: Jane Palmer on 020 8961 8076. Alternatively you may wish to use our web form to send us an email.

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Psychotherapy may be understood as healing of the mind.

It can be seen as a healing process by which a psychotherapist helps a client learn about the 'self' that he or she has perhaps been unconsciously and unsuspectingly concealing, primarily from himself or herself.

The process involves a confidential and mutually trusting relationship between the person and the therapist. It is an intimate relationship but not a social one.

In other words the therapist makes his or her mind available for the client to recover...

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