Individual Psychotherapy in West & North-West London

You may be wondering whether psychotherapy is appropriate for you. Many people struggling with emotional difficulties, which may affect their ability to function adequately, find that therapy, in providing a consistent and reliable space, can enable a person to develop her/his potential for emotional understanding and, in the case of a person who has experienced a mental or emotional collapse, good psychotherapy can help reverse the situation and turn it into a new beginning.

The purpose of psychotherapy, therefore, is not only to rectify the problems but also to allow a person to utilize their full potential.

The kinds of emotional distresses which bring people into therapy often include the following:

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Contacting London Psychotherapy

If you would like more information about psychotherapy in London or wish to make an appointment call: Jane Palmer on 020 8961 8076. Alternatively you may wish to use our web form to send us an email.

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Psychotherapy may be understood as healing of the mind.

It can be seen as a healing process by which a psychotherapist helps a client learn about the 'self' that he or she has perhaps been unconsciously and unsuspectingly concealing, primarily from himself or herself.

The process involves a confidential and mutually trusting relationship between the person and the therapist. It is an intimate relationship but not a social one.

In other words the therapist makes his or her mind available for the client to recover...

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What is Psychotherapy?

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