Relationships & Couples Therapy

Relationship or marriage might mean different things to different people, even to the two who are in relationship. Some people imagine relationship/marriage as the very meaning of life, while others see it as a way to feel secure with someone they love and need. Couples who have come to see me have often been seeking improvements in a basically good relationship or may have serious concerns about their future together. Some of these have included:

For obvious reasons of privacy and confidentiality it's not possible to describe exact stories of clients' lives here, but do any of these sound like your relationship?

'We keep running into communication blocks. I'm so tired of the same repetitive arguments over and over.'
We have a solid relationship, but I want to make it better. We are good partners when it comes to everyday stuff, but we're so focused on the details of life that we just don't really talk about much anymore. We used to talk about everything.'
'My partner had an affair. I can't stop thinking about it, and yet he/she wants me to let it go and move on. I never knew how badly this would hurt. I want our marriage back. How does anyone get over this?'
'Our relationship is comfortable but there's really no intimacy anymore. Sometimes I wonder if we should still be together, or if there's somebody better out there for me.'

With respect for the struggle involved in developing a truly strong and intimate relationship, I offer an approach which aims to help you as partners:

Your Questions Answered

1. What happens at the first meeting?

In the main I offer up to three initial consultations. This provides an opportunity both to assess and discuss with you the nature of your difficulties and concerns in detail in order to get some understanding from each of you regarding your perceptions of the current problem and how it has evolved over time. This ensures that I can decide with you ways of proceeding which would be appropriate and helpful for each of you.

Find out more about the first meeting.

2. Who takes part?

Generally both partners attend but separate sessions are sometimes arranged by agreement.

3. What about partners who are thinking of separating?

Relationship/Couples Therapy may also offer a space in helping separating partners:

Contacting London Psychotherapy

If you would like more information about psychotherapy in London or wish to make an appointment call: Jane Palmer on 020 8961 8076. Alternatively you may wish to use our web form to send us an email.

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It can be seen as a healing process by which a psychotherapist helps a client learn about the 'self' that he or she has perhaps been unconsciously and unsuspectingly concealing, primarily from himself or herself.

The process involves a confidential and mutually trusting relationship between the person and the therapist. It is an intimate relationship but not a social one.

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